How to Make Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti – An Easy Recipe for a Classic Italian Dish

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How to Make Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti - An Easy Recipe for a Classic Italian Dish

In the culinary world, “chicken tetrazzini recipe easy” stands out as a symphony of flavors, an effortless masterpiece that captivates taste buds with its creamy indulgence and comforting warmth. This classic dish, steeped in history and beloved by home cooks, is a testament to the culinary fusion that has shaped our modern cuisine.

Originating in the early 20th century, chicken tetrazzini has become a ubiquitous dish, gracing dinner tables and restaurant menus worldwide. Its popularity stems from its versatility, allowing for countless variations that cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the rich tapestry of chicken tetrazzini, exploring its humble origins, uncovering its hidden health benefits, and showcasing its culinary versatility. From classic preparations to innovative twists, we will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to create your own unforgettable chicken tetrazzini masterpiece.

Before embarking on this culinary journey, let’s set the stage for understanding the preparation and cooking times required for this delectable dish.

Time Investment

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 1 hour

The total time investment for this culinary journey is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, a testament to the ease and efficiency of this delightful dish. The preparation time of 30 minutes allows you to gather your ingredients, dice the chicken and vegetables, and create the creamy sauce that envelops the dish in its lusciousness. The cooking time of 1 hour ensures that the flavors meld together perfectly, resulting in a harmonious symphony of taste.

As you embark on this culinary adventure, remember that the time spent preparing and cooking chicken tetrazzini is an investment in a delightful dining experience, a moment of pure culinary bliss that will be savored and cherished by all who partake in it.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the time commitment required, let’s gather the essential ingredients that will transform our kitchen into an aromatic haven, filling it with the irresistible aromas of chicken tetrazzini.


  • Chicken: Use boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs, sliced into bite-sized pieces. For a richer flavor, consider using a combination of white and dark meat.
  • Mushrooms: Cremini or button mushrooms, sliced, add an earthy umami flavor to the dish.
  • Vegetables: Diced onion, celery, and carrots form the aromatic base of the tetrazzini.
  • Sauce: A combination of butter, flour, milk, and chicken broth creates the creamy and flavorful sauce that coats the pasta.
  • Pasta: Traditionally, spaghetti or linguine is used, but feel free to experiment with other long pasta varieties like fettuccine or penne.
  • Cheese: A blend of Parmesan and Gruyre cheese provides a nutty and rich flavor profile.

With these essential ingredients assembled, we embark on the culinary journey of preparing chicken tetrazzini, a dish that promises to tantalize taste buds and create lasting memories around the dinner table.


  1. Sauting the Aromatics: In a large skillet, melt butter and gently saut diced onion, celery, and carrots until softened. This aromatic base adds a depth of flavor to the dish.
  2. Searing the Chicken: Add the sliced chicken to the skillet and cook until golden brown. Searing the chicken helps lock in its juices and create a flavorful exterior.
  3. Adding the Mushrooms: Toss in the sliced mushrooms and cook until they release their liquid and begin to brown. The earthy flavor of mushrooms complements the chicken perfectly.
  4. Creating the Sauce: In a separate saucepan, melt butter and whisk in flour to form a roux. Gradually whisk in milk and chicken broth, stirring constantly until the sauce thickens.
  5. Combining the Ingredients: Bring the cooked chicken, mushrooms, and sauce together in a large baking dish. Stir in the cooked pasta and half of the cheese blend.

Tips for Enhancing Flavor and Presentation:

  • Use a variety of mushrooms for added flavor and texture. Consider shiitake, oyster, or chanterelle mushrooms.
  • For a richer sauce, use a combination of chicken broth and white wine.
  • Top the casserole with the remaining cheese blend and a sprinkling of paprika before baking for a golden-brown crust.

As the tantalizing aromas of chicken tetrazzini fill your kitchen, the journey from preparation to serving draws near, promising a culinary delight that will be cherished by all who gather around the table.

Serving and Presentation

As the aroma of chicken tetrazzini fills the air, it’s time to elevate your culinary creation with a presentation that matches its delectable flavors. Visual appeal is an art form that enhances the dining experience, making the dish even more inviting and satisfying.

  • Individual Portions: Consider serving chicken tetrazzini in individual ramekins or small bowls. This adds a touch of elegance and allows each guest to enjoy their own perfect serving.
  • Golden-Brown Crust: Before serving, sprinkle the remaining cheese blend over the casserole and place it under the broiler for a few minutes until the top is golden brown and bubbly. This adds a visually appealing crust that seals in the flavors.
  • Fresh Herbs: Garnish the chicken tetrazzini with chopped fresh parsley, chives, or tarragon. The vibrant green color adds a pop of freshness and enhances the dish’s overall presentation.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Serve a side of roasted vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, or asparagus. The colorful roasted vegetables complement the creamy texture of the tetrazzini and add a healthy touch to the meal.
  • Salad or Bread: Offer a simple green salad or garlic bread to accompany the chicken tetrazzini. These classic pairings provide a delightful contrast in texture and flavor.

The combination of a flavorful dish and an eye-catching presentation creates a memorable dining experience that engages all the senses. As your guests gather around the table, the beautifully presented chicken tetrazzini will surely impress and delight them.

Now that you have mastered the art of presentation, let’s explore additional tips and variations to enhance and personalize your chicken tetrazzini, transforming it into a dish that reflects your unique culinary style and preferences.

Additional Tips and Variations

  • Alternative Ingredients: For a vegetarian twist, substitute the chicken with roasted or grilled vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant. You can also use a combination of chicken and vegetables for a lighter and healthier option.
  • Dietary Restrictions: Make this dish gluten-free by using gluten-free pasta and flour. For a dairy-free version, use dairy-free milk and cheese alternatives like almond milk and vegan cheese.
  • Customizing Flavors: Add a touch of heat by incorporating red pepper flakes or chili powder into the sauce. For a smoky flavor, saut the chicken and vegetables in a little smoked paprika before adding them to the casserole.
  • Seafood Variation: Transform this dish into a seafood delight by replacing the chicken with shrimp, scallops, or crab. Adjust the cooking time accordingly to ensure the seafood is cooked through.
  • Leftovers Magic: Leftover chicken tetrazzini can be transformed into a delicious breakfast casserole. Simply reheat the tetrazzini, top it with a fried or poached egg, and bake until the egg is cooked to your liking.

With these tips and variations, you can create a chicken tetrazzini that perfectly suits your taste preferences and dietary needs. Experiment with different ingredients and flavors to find your perfect version of this classic comfort food.

While we celebrate the culinary versatility of chicken tetrazzini, let’s delve into its nutritional value and discover how this delectable dish can contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Information

NutrientAmount% Daily Value
Saturated Fat5g25%

Chicken tetrazzini provides a well-balanced combination of macronutrients, with a moderate amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. The high protein content contributes to muscle growth and repair, while the carbohydrates provide energy and fiber for a feeling of fullness. The fats in the dish, primarily from the cheese and butter, add richness and flavor.

Additionally, chicken tetrazzini offers various essential vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of calcium, which is crucial for bone health. The presence of potassium helps regulate blood pressure, and iron supports healthy red blood cell production. The inclusion of mushrooms and vegetables adds antioxidants and essential vitamins like vitamin A, C, and K to the dish.

Overall, chicken tetrazzini can be part of a balanced diet when consumed in moderation and balanced with other nutritious foods. Its nutritional value makes it a satisfying and enjoyable meal that contributes to overall well-being.

As we embark on the final chapter of our culinary journey with chicken tetrazzini, let’s explore the delightful experience of preparing and savoring this dish. From the moment you gather the ingredients to the moment you take that first bite, chicken tetrazzini promises an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Cooking and Dining Experience

As we embark on the final chapter of our culinary journey with chicken tetrazzini, let’s explore the delightful experience of preparing and savoring this dish. Cooking should not be merely a chore, but a sensory adventure that engages our hearts and minds. Chicken tetrazzini, with its warm and comforting flavors, has the unique ability to bring people together.

  • A Family Tradition: “Every Sunday, my grandmother would gather the entire family in her kitchen to prepare chicken tetrazzini. The aroma of sauted mushrooms and the bubbling cheese sauce filled the air as we laughed and shared stories. It was a tradition that not only nourished our bodies but also our souls.”
  • A Culinary Gift: “I remember the first time I made chicken tetrazzini for my friends. They were amazed by its creamy texture and explosion of flavors. It was a simple dish, yet it left a lasting impression on them. From that day on, chicken tetrazzini became my go-to dish whenever I wanted to show someone how much I cared.”

Chicken tetrazzini is more than just a dish; it’s an experience that connects us with our loved ones and creates lasting memories. Whether you’re cooking it for a special occasion or a casual weeknight dinner, let the aromas and flavors of chicken tetrazzini fill your home and hearts.

Share your own chicken tetrazzini experiences and tips in the comments below. What memories does this dish evoke for you? Do you have any variations or secret ingredients that make your tetrazzini unique? Let’s create a community of passionate cooks who appreciate the simple yet profound joys of cooking and dining together.

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